The MiND Project
``Empowering Creative Changemakers``

About The Project

The MiND Project – “Empowering Creative Changemakers”

We are very excited to update you on a new project we are working on in partnership with the Breen Centre to deliver. This project will be supported by the Coca-Cola Thank You Fund!

What is our aim?

MiND is a project that brings young adult’s between the ages of 16-25 together to explore the mediums of digital music, podcast creation, workshops, training and online events (in-person when possible).

MiND helps champion the change, by empowering young adults to express themselves using digital resources, through online workshops and by training and up-skilling individuals throughout the project.

What to expect from the project

The participants will be engaged in podcasts and workshops and will also be provided with training in creating their own digital content including:

Confidence building
Podcast creation
An intro to music production
Online events
LIVE streams
Health & wellness
Introduction to DJing

MiND Podcast
Series One


Now Open!
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